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SOME OF MY FRIENDS READ COMICS is a book-club format podcast about reading the great comic book stories for the first time. On each episode, your hosts will review a classic comic book story or run, examine how well it holds up, and figure out how it fits within the grand context of comics.
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Feb 12, 2020

On today’s episode, we explore the rare Non-Gritty Reboot. I assure you, they exist. At the very least, one example exists: Archie. In 2015, Mark Waid and Fiona Staples brought Archie back to mainstream comics. And it’s nothing like Riverdale.

We checked out the first six issues and then continued our read of Marvels: Eye of the Camera with issue #2.

Next Time: The Origins of Batman villain Ra's Al Ghul with Batman 232, 243, and 244!

Jan 29, 2020

In my headcanon, Birds of Prey was always 3 members: Oracle, Black Canary, and Huntress. Turns out Huntress didn’t even join the team until Gail Simone took over in 2003. Turns out Harley Quinn was definitely not on the team.

We read the first few issues of Simone’s run from #56-61 and then we continued our read of Marvels with the 1st issue of the followup miniseries, Marvels: Eye of the Camera.

Next Time: Archie gets rebooted in 2015 by Mark Waid & Fiona Staples!

Jan 15, 2020

We've got more Moore than you can handle, as we take a double dose of Alan Moore's Superman from the 1980s!

First up, Alan Moore teams up with his future Watchmen collaborator Dave Gibbons with 1985's "For the Man Who Has Everything", where Batman & Wonder Woman try their darndest to find a good birthday present for Superman, while Superman imagines a world where Krypton did not explode and he never came to Earth.

Then, we check out the final story of the pre-Crisis Superman with Alan Moore and Curt Swan's "Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?" As Bill Hader's Stephon would say, this book has everything: Krypto the Superdog, superbabies turning coal into diamonds, Jimmy Olsen & Lana Lang getting superpowers, and Superman defending his friends against all his foes. It's a classic story you don't want to miss!

And finally, we conclude Phil Sheldon's journey through the early days of the Marvel Universe with Kurt Busiek & Alex Ross's "Marvels #4"! (That's not really true, we start the sequel "Marvels: Eye of the Camera" next episode.)

Next Time: Birds of Prey: Of Like Minds by Gail Simone (Birds of Prey #56-61) + Marvels: Eye of the Camera #1

Jan 1, 2020

Way back in episode 19, we read our first Thanos comic when he returned from death in 1990 and started collected the Infinity Gems. Now, exactly 100 episodes later, we decided we’d take a look at how he actually died in the first place.

It was surprisingly earlier in 1977’s Marvel Two-In-One Annual #2, written and drawn by Jim Starlin (because who else would it be?).

And then we relive the terror of Galactus in Marvels #3!

Next Time: Superman & Alan Moore times two with "Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow" and "Superman: For the Man Who Has Everything"

Dec 18, 2019

The holidays are upon us and you know what that means: Ducks. Specifically Donald Duck and Scrooge McDuck. We take a look at the very 1st appearance of Scrooge McDuck in “Christmas on Bear Mountain” from way back in 1947 and then “A Christmas for Shacktown” in 1951, both written and drawn by “the good duck artist,” Carl Barks.

And the it’s on to the mutant scare in Marvels #2!

Next Time: The (Original) Death of Thanos from Marvel Two-in-One Annual #2 (1977)

Dec 4, 2019

It’s time to continue Marvel 1602! In the last 4 issues of the miniseries, we make our way to America and find out how this universe connects to our regular 616 universe.

But will Gaiman’s 1602 survive? (Spoiler alert: nothing ever dies).

And we also get our long read of Marvels by Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross really rolling with issue #1.

Next Time: Donald Duck in "Christmas on Bear Mountain" (Scrooge McDuck's first appearance) and "A Christmas for Shacktown"

Nov 20, 2019

Back in the 1600s, there were apparently superheroes in England. I don’t know because I wasn’t there, but I will take Neil Gaiman’s word for it.

He wrote about Marvel 1602 in an 8-issue miniseries that very strangely seems to parallel the Marvel Universe we are already familiar with. We read the first 4 issues and then we started our long read of Marvels with issue #0, which takes place in the 40s.

So much history! My head hurts.

Next Time: Marvel 1602 #5-8  + Marvels #1

Nov 6, 2019

It’s (after) Halloween! And we continue our tradition of releasing a late episode about late, spooky comics with Jughead: The Hunger!

We read the first volume to see if this is another clever take on classic comics like Sabrina was or just an excuse to tell a werewolf story with Archie characters.

And we also finish off All Star Superman with issue #12!

Next Time: Marvel 1602 Pt. 1 (#1-4) and Marvels #0

Oct 16, 2019

What’s up, spooks? Time for some scary comics for the spookiest month of the year. First up is Locke & Key by Joe Hill who for some reason reminds us all of Stephen King. Hmm, wonder why that is.

Anyways, it’s a book about the scariest thing in existence: KEYS. We read the 1st volume: Welcome to Lovecraft.

And we’re so, so close to the end of All Star Superman with issue #11.

Next Time: Jughead: The Hunger, Vol. 1

Oct 9, 2019

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! We’re celebrating our neighbors our neighbors up north by reading about their premiere superhero team, Alpha Flight!

We checked out their 1st appearance in Uncanny X-Men #120 and then read issues 1-4 of their ongoing series written and drawn by John Byrne.

Listen as we try to figure out how Vindicator / Guardian / Captain Canada is an even more milquetoast version of Cyclops. And then Clark Kent gets the scoop of a lifetime in All Star Superman #10!

Next Time: Locke & Key, Volume 1: Welcome to Lovecraft

Sep 18, 2019

There's a spy in the Teen Titans... and she works for Deathstroke! Dick Grayson drops the Robin mantle to debut Nightwing! There's a new team member named Jericho, a sweet little mute boy!

It's the Judas Contract from Tales of the Teen Titans #42-44 and Teen Titans Annual #3.

And over in All Star Superman #9, Clark deals with some real assholes!

Next Time: We celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving with Alpha Flight (Uncanny X-Men #120 + Alpha Flight #1-4)
Sep 4, 2019

Whoa, Carnage is so Maximum it’s taking us two episodes to get through it. Spider-Man seems to be having a tough time getting through Maximum Carnage as well, because in parts 8-14 he really just can’t deal anymore.

All Star Superman also rolls on with issue 8. Booooooo!!!!! (Don’t worry, that’s a Bizarro Boo.)

Next Time: The New Teen Titans: The Judas Contract (Tales of the Teen Titans #42-44, Annual #3)

Aug 21, 2019

Can you believe this is the 25th anniversary of the Maximum Carnage video game? A classic that has such accolades as being A Game and being Based On A Comic Book. At least we know it was a memorable comic book 14-parter that ran through the Spider-Man comics of 1993.

Actually, was it memorable? We know Carnage goes Maximum, but… what else? Let’s start finding out with parts 1-7.

We also don’t continue No Moon Superman with issue #7.

Next Time: Spider-Man/Venom: Maximum Carnage #8-14

Aug 7, 2019

It may seem hard to believe, but there used to be a time when we knew little to nothing about Wolverine's origins. The Weapon X story from 1991 by Barry Windsor-Smith began to fill in some gaps.

Originally told in small chunks appearing in Marvel Comics Presents #72-84, it's become one of the classic Wolverine stories in his history.

Plus, we continue All-Star Superman with issue 6.

Next Time: Spider-Man and Venom: Maximum Carnage, Pt. 1

  1. Spider-Man Unlimited #1
  2. Web of Spider-Man #101
  3. The Amazing Spider-Man #378
  4. Spider-Man #35
  5. The Spectacular Spider-Man #201
  6. Web of Spider-Man #102
  7. The Amazing Spider-Man #379
Jul 24, 2019

Animal Man has never exactly been one of DC’s biggest heroes, but he got a reboot in 2011 for the New 52 written by Jeff Lemire with some gruesome, horrific art by Travel Foreman.

We read the first volume which saw him re-discover his origin, find out that his daughter can turn human arms into chicken arms, and start making his way toward the Swamp Thing.

And then in All Star Superman #5, Clark Kent interview Lex Luthor in prison!

Next Time: Wolverine: Weapon X (1991) from Marvel Comics Presents #72-84

Jul 10, 2019

If the modern stone age family wasn’t modern enough for you, then we’ve got good news: it’s a reboot, baby! Mark Russell and Steve Pugh re-imagined The Flintstones in this 2016 series filled with cave puns, science “facts,” and hot takes on society.

We also finally learn the origin of Yabba Dabba Doo, a secret that hardcore Flintstones fans have been dying to learn, probably.

Plus All Star Superman #4!

Next Time: Animal Man (2011) #1-6

Jun 26, 2019

Jean Grey’s lost it.

Mastermind’s been making her think she’s in the past, she’s been smooching dudes she shouldn’t be smooching, and now the Phoenix Force has moved in and I don’t think she can handle it.

All this while the X-Men fight fancy folks and aliens in the conclusion of the Dark Phoenix Saga from Uncanny X-Men #133-137.

And in All Star Superman #3, we meet some jerks!

Next Time: The Flintstones #1-6

Jun 12, 2019

The first appearances of Kitty Pryde, Dazzler, AND Emma Frost? The Dark Phoenix Saga is a story so big, we wouldn’t dream of trying to contain it in one episode.

We read the first half in Uncanny X-Men #129-132 and watched as Scott Summers couldn’t handle Jean’s smoochin’ ways.

And in All-Star Superman #2, what’s hidden in Superman’s secret room?!?!?!

Next Time: We finish the Dark Phoenix Saga with Uncanny X-Men #133-137 (with an option for #138)!

May 30, 2019

It’s time for Endgame! No, not Avengers… it’s Batman: Endgame from 2015, the culmination of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s run on Batman.

We also start our next long-read tile: All Star Superman by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely! What a time to be alive.

Next Time: We begin a new 2-parter with The Dark Phoenix Saga Pt.1 (Uncanny X-Men 129-132)

May 8, 2019

It’s the 2nd part of our Avengers: Forever read! This time it’s less about time travel and more about pulling in Avengers from every timeline. See also: The Kree Supreme Intelligence, Rick Jones, and Kang all pile into a car and drive/fly through space together.

We also unpack Secret Wars a bit more by reading Uncanny X-Men 138. An epilogue issue where Colossus, Wolverine and Nightcrawler talk about their feelings at a bar.

Next Time: We spoil Endgame with Batman: Endgame (Batman (2011) #35-40)

Apr 24, 2019

Have you ever heard of the Avengers? Well they’re FOREVER. They fought dinosaurs in the wild west and they tried to stop Skrull Nixon in the ‘50s.

Kurt Busiek chronicles their foreverventures in Avengers: Forever, a 12-issue limited series from the late ’90s.

As far as I can tell, it’s about 2 Hank Pyms stopping 3 Kangs, or something like that. We read the first 6 issues of Forever + the finale of Secret Wars with issue 12! We’ll miss that floating suburb of Denver!

Next Time: Avengers Forever 7-12 + Uncanny X-Men 183 (Secret Wars epilogue)

Apr 10, 2019

Detective Comics just released their milestone 1000th issue, so of course we had to read it! But of course we had to take a look back in time and visit the first appears of Batman aka “The Bat-Man” in Detective Comics #27 as well.

Did Detective Comics #1000 do better or worse than Action Comics #1000?

Then we approach the end of Secret Wars with issue #11.

Next Time: Avengers Forever (1998) 1-6 + Secret Wars Finale!

Mar 27, 2019

It’s our 100th episode!

And as we do with every anniversary, we celebrate with Batman! This time it’s Batman: Year 100 by Paul Pope, a story that takes place in 2039...aka Batman's 100th year.

Then we continue our read of Secret Wars with issue 10. Galactus may be defeated, but Doom's about to Doom.

We also marked this momentous occasion the only way three nerds know how: by talking about more nerdy things. Here’s to 100 more!

Next Time: Batman reaches his own anniversary with Detective Comics 1000 (out on store shelves today!) and we read the first appearance of Batman in Detective Comics 27 (May 1939)

Mar 14, 2019

We continue our last episode by finishing off the Kree Skrull War from Avengers 94-97.

We’re not entirely sure when the war started, but we do know that a fake senator (alien in disguise!) is trying to take down the Avengers by making the public scared of aliens. Bad move, dude.

And then the Inhumans show up?

We're also nearing the end of Secret Wars with issue 9.

Next Time: We celebrate our 100th episode with Batman: Year 100!

Feb 27, 2019

We’ve been talking about a lot of “Event” comics recently, and this week we’re going back to what could arguable be called the first big Marvel event, the Kree-Skrull War from Avengers 89-97.

We’re splitting it up into two parts, reading issues 89-93 this time, plus the continuation of our Secret Wars read with issue 8.

Two different Marvel events in one episode?

They said it couldn't be done.

Next Time: Kree-Skrull War Conclusion! (Avengers 94-97)

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